How can I cut laminate without chipping?

Laminate is a durable and waterproof type of plastic that is mostly used for counter tops kitchens and washrooms. A sheet of laminate is 1/16 inches wider and often installed for different sub-string, like plywood and fiberboard with cement.

There are a lot of machines available for cutting laminate sheets such as handled power saw, table saw, hand slitter, utility knife, and a jigsaw. Probably experts recommend a table saw machine for cutting laminate sheets without chipping.

Keep in mind that the best cutting means great finishing. No matter what you are cutting, just cut edges with proper finishing.

Well here, we are about to know the proper cutting of laminate without chipping. For this we have to read bellow paragraphs with attention let’s have a look!

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Use table saw:

A table saw machine is best for cutting laminate full sheets into convenient pieces. Simply it will need an extra step for supporting the sheet through the blade side and outside of a table.

Always keep its fence equal to the blade; this way, you will recompense wider pieces for chipping. Further running a sheet by the saw face up is useful for cutting laminate without chipping. Indeed, if you are well-experienced with the table saw, then insert the blade backward.

Use Handheld Power Saw:

Handled power saw machines can cut on the upper surfaces, so there is less chance of chipping in laminate. You just have to place a laminate sheet with a down face and start from the back. Make sure your cutting way is in a straight line.

Further, if you are a new user, then place the sheet on worktable by off-cut hanging position. This time a hanging sheet will over the edge to lock the straight laminate sheet on a wooden table.

It must be balanced from the cutting line and keep an equal distance between the blade edge and handled saw foot.

Other tricks:

If you are going to cut a laminate sheet with a power saw, then you will have chips. Avoid all the chipping and try to use tape length ways, the cutline, saw by the tape, and remove the tape after complete the cutting.

Further plywood cutting blade is most convenient and best. Make sure the plywood blade you are about use must have a large number of teeth.

For a laminate sheet, if you are using a jigsaw for curve cutting, then prefer a metal cutting blade. This blade must be designed with one upturned tooth. This invertible tooth will give you proper down-stroke cutting for laminate without chipping.

Tip: always wear white goggles, masks, and gloves while using cutting machines. This is only why machines are friends of yours until you use them with proper safety.